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I work in art department as a prop master, art director, and set dresser on union and non union TV , Film and commercials. I have also been directing films for over a decade. This last spring I cast Tommy as my lead in my film MATCHSTICK WILLIE.  It is not often I get the opportunity to work with such a skilled and talented actor as Tommy G. Kendrick .

Tommy came each day to set not only prepared but he gave each take his all.  He supported the other actors on set and made sure the child actor who was his co-star felt comfortable . 

Most of all he is just a super fun guy to be around . He has endless patience and is a truly thoughtful and fun guy to work with. His easy going attitude and incredible work ethic make him hands down  one of my favorite actors to work with on a set . 

D.R. Garrett ( director / writer Matchstick Willie ) 



I worked with Tommy on a short film entitled, "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell".

During that time, I found Tommy to be not only a gifted actor but to be a joy to work with.

His enthusiasm, professional attitude and inspiration helped make the project a festival success and my experience on it,  a real blessing.

I highly recommend this special talent. 

“Once again, thank you for such a strong, funny and brave performance. I hope it does well! It deserves too. ”

Andrew Librizzi, Pathlight Entertainment